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ministar high quality laser diodes

Powerful lasers with high quality diodes are very important for a perfect lasershow. Our MINISTAR Lasers are created with high-quality components.

Create beautiful laser shows with MINISTAR lasers

Create beautiful lasershows with MINISTAR lasers. Your audience will definitely love the amazing possibilities with these small and compact lasers.

World wide shipping of MINISTAR lasers

MINISTAR Lasers can be shipped all over the world. From China up to the United States, quickly and easly - and without any additional shipping costs!

Welcome to MINISTAR laser!


MINISTAR is a young and dynamic show laser company that specializes in delivering show laser lights ex works China directly to the customers. By purchasing the show laser displays right away from our destination in Shenzhen, China, we are able to offer MINISTAR show laser devices at very attractive prices, since there are no intermediaries involved. Despite the favorable prices we pay attention to a consistently high quality at our showlasers. This is ensured by our local staff, who are especially responsible for quality management and product control. Own engineers and designers develop innovative MINISTAR laser systems for colorful and demanding laser systems.

MINISTAR Show Laser Systems

All MINISTAR show laser systems are analog modulated pure diode laser systems for high-quality laser projections and especially for beam shows. Due to the high visibility of the laser beams, these small lasers create spectacular laser light shows. MINISTAR offers several laser displays in several power ranges and for many different application areas. The laser lights are available in fullcolor RGB, single green, and single blue color versions, and in power ranges between 1,000mW to 5,000mW. All MINISTAR showlasers have ILDA interfaces for professional computer control. This fact allows in combination with a show laser software to project own laser beam shows, text, or graphics. Basic settings e.g. laser color power, X/Y axis, and scan fail can be changed at the rear site of the laser device. The compact and lightweight housings can easily be integrated into existing room and lighting concepts.


How to get MINISTAR Show Laser Systems

It is that easy to buy MINISTAR showlasers. Just click on the button 'Buy MINISTAR' at the top of this website or use this link and choose your laser systems and add them to your cart. Add further show lasers, protection plastic cases, or scanner upgrades. We ship you new show laser system world wide - for free! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We're pleased to answer all your questions.